Friday, January 2, 2015

Fishing for Trouser Trout

I spent a week in Michigan with my parents back in September. They had just gotten a puppy and I was itching to meet her, but the real reason for the trip stemmed from a conversation I had with my Dad the month before.

Dad: "So, you know I'm 60."
Me: "Yes."
Dad: "And we see each other what, maybe twice a year?"
Me: "Yes..."
Dad: "So at this rate, if I live to be 80 that means we'll see each other 40 more times. And that's it."

His not so subtle guilt trip worked, and I bought a plane ticket home. It was a great trip, I had breakfast in Grand Rapids, went antique shopping and played dress up with my cousin Shelby, shared a few meals with old friends, stuffed myself with pie from Grand Traverse, put Bailey's in my coffee each morning, spoiled the puppy rotten, forced my Dad to play board games with my Mom and I, and spent my last day relaxing on the boat with my parents. Before we left for the lake I asked my Dad if I could borrow a hat. I chose a green and brown suede tipped baseball cap that said "River Keep Lodge, Labrador" on it. I really liked the hat, and the next morning as I was packing up and getting ready to head to the airport I asked to borrow it again. Actually, I said something to the effect of,

"You have 300 hats. I'm taking this one". 

He thwarted my efforts, telling me I could have my choice of any hat except for that one, as apparently it was his favorite. I chose a slightly lopsided navy blue baseball cap with an embroidered fish on the front instead. I was going for a rustic outdoorsy look. Something that said, 

I can build a fire. I hunt and fish and know how to tell the direction by the sun. I never get lost and I like to camp.

The slightly lopsided embroidered fish hat said just that.

We were about halfway to Detroit Metro before I really looked at it, seeing its reflection in the car window. I noticed the words "Trouser Trout" embroidered around the fish. Perplexed, I asked

"Dad, when we would fish up in Naubinway for opening weekend of trout season, did we ever catch any trouser trout?"

He just looked at me.

"Or was that just rainbow trout?"

Here's to 40 more conversations just as ridiculous as this one.